28 September 2009


This girl has 10x the amount of confidence I had at 14--I love it! I had so much fun taking her pictures.
Her mom, Mary, said in the middle of the shoot: "This is fun, you must love doing this". Yes, I do!

We actually walked up to my car after the shoot and I had a flat tire! Jason, the dad/husband, was on his way to pick up Mary and Phage so he effortlessly changed my tire when he got there. I always thought getting my first flat tire would be more traumatic but I guess not. This family is full of joy--I loved being around them.
I will soon be taking pictures of the whole family and I can't wait. There's seven of them in all so it will be quite an adventure!

I hope you enjoy my favorites of Phage's shoot--I'm really excited about these.

13 September 2009


My new website is finally done! It took a while to get it just the way I wanted but it's up and running now. I hope you enjoy it!


Little Miss Piper

I had the wonderful privilege to photograph my good friends' new baby, Piper Grace. Babies are such a joy...especially brand new ones. I'm so excited about these pictures. Here are a few of my favorites.