29 March 2011

Christa **Maternity**

I enjoyed getting to know Christa and Joseph (Jose) this past Saturday. This photo shoot was suppose to take place over Spring Break but a certain someone (me) got a little stomach bug and had to reschedule on them. Luckily it all worked out in the end!

After getting kicked out of our first location (oops) we headed downtown and I got some really great shots. I can't wait to show Christa and Jose ALL of them! I edited a few of my first favorites to share with everyone here on the blog.

p.s. I found out that they (especially Jose) have roots in Tennessee! It's always exciting to me when someone knows where good ole Clinton, TN is! That's where my mom is from and I still have a lot of family there. I spent many summers there when I was growing up!

02 March 2011

Rizzy Rugh

I'd like to introduce everyone (a little late) to my sweet, sweet niece: Miss Rachel Elizabeth Rugh. We call her Rizzy. She melts my heart!

The morning she was born Jonathan and I jumped in the car and drove to Austin. The 5.5 hours seemed SO long when we found out she was in this world waiting to be meet her aunt and uncle :). I got a few shots of her on those first 2 days of her life. A week later I came back to Austin for a good week and got many more precious pictures.

Another thing I treasure about these pictures is seeing how sweetly John and Laura love on their little girl. It was a treat watching how naturally they have fallen into being parents. It's wonderful seeing this whole new side of my brother. I wish I were also a videographer so I could have captured him talking to Rizzy and reading her stories.

Also, do you notice a new "theme" running through all of these pictures? I finally finished my logo! What do you think? Soon (as in a few days hopefully) it will also be on my NEW website. This has all been slow in coming so I'm very excited to finally be using my new logo and updating my website.