29 June 2010

Let's tell a story...

Storyboards. I love them. But they took over my life last week. Now that I'm on the other side of the learning curve things are going a lot smoother. I'm having fun with them!
Sometimes pictures are more effective when they're together. They tell the viewer a story they would not otherwise see. Other times it's just plain fun to see them grouped together!

I took pictures of sisters Libby Kate and Ali about a month ago. These girls were fun...I love their smiles. I always enjoy taking pictures of sisters. It's fun to see their differences and the way they interact. Sometimes there's a little bit of sibling angst but I can always see the underlying sweet love and friendship between them. It comes out in their smiles and giggles--even when they're trying to hide it!

I created a handful of storyboards for these girls...some of the pictures have silly faces, some are full out grins and others are sweet smiles. All together you can see how happy and fun they are!

I know my favorite, which one is yours?

25 June 2010

Jonathan Fox **Newborns**

I am PARTICULARLY excited to share with you these new photographs. Why, you ask? For those who do not know me this is my brand new nephew, Jonathan Fox. (Not so brand new anymore...he's grown so much since this shoot!).

Not only is he family...he also shares my husband's name. I'll probably be calling him "Fox" to avoid confusion. We were all speechless when his name was revealed (in the hospital-yes, we waited 9 months for a name!).

I love being an aunt to this little guy...and I've loved staring at him even more while editing these photographs.

He is literally brand new in this first photograph.

And a little bit "older"...(11 days maybe?)

The best time to take them is within the first 10 or 14 days of life. It's sad but exciting to see him grow! He doesn't look like this anymore. He's already changing so much. These first pictures are so priceless to have so we won't forget these first days of life.

Notice the "storyboard" (aka "collage")?? More on that later...and more storyboards too!