25 May 2011

Mabel **Maternity**

I left this photo shoot smiling! Mabel and Rafael are one of the sweetest couples I have ever photographed. And I absolutely mean that! Their love for each other and their baby was all over their faces. It really did make my day and I went home in such a good mood. I'm never in a bad mood after a photo shoot but sometimes I leave exhausted. This time I left feeling energized and happy for this couple.

Thank you Mabel and Rafael for making my Saturday! It was such a joy to meet you and get to photograph this wonderful season of your life. I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek of some of my favorite pictures from your photo shoot.

11 May 2011

Priscilla, Andy, Isaiah and Ambri

I have had the privilege of photographing this family (or parts of the family) three times now. I took Priscilla's maternity pictures in November of 2009, Ambri's baby pictures in early 2010 and now the entire family! It's fun seeing how their family has grown. Ambri kept us very busy during this photo shoot! She is definitely on the go and determined to explore. It was so sweet watching her run around and get excited about what she found (like the old, rusty pipe she found by the house!). Isaiah was a well behaved big brother. He did such a good job smiling even when he was tired of it!

Enjoy this sneak peek Priscilla and Andy!

It's amazing to me how fast babies grow. Priscilla's maternity session and Ambri's baby session seem so recent! (Click on this picture to enlarge it.)