07 December 2011

Allen and Dannette

I love this couple! These two are loved by many in fact. Jonathan and I are so thankful to have them in our lives. Allen is the associate pastor at our church so he speaks truth into our lives on a regular basis through his sermons. But both of them speak truth into our lives in so many more ways--by their life, their encouragement, their servant's hearts. Thank you Allen and Dannette for being such a wonderful, loving and selfless couple!

These are a few of my favorite pictures from our photo session last week. Enjoy!

29 November 2011

Justin, Haley and lil' Harper

It's no secret that I love this family! I'm so happy I was able to take these pictures for them. They are an adorable trio! Harper is precious and seems to love being photographed. I can't wait to finish editing ALL of the images. These are only a small handful of many adorable ones.

Thanks Justin, Haley and Harper! Let me know which one is your favorite!

15 November 2011

Phil, Vanessa, Willow and Aspen

I am having such a good time editing these photos! I'm really pleased with how they turned out. Which makes me super excited to share some of my favorites!
The Claybrooke's are such a lovable family. You can see the love in all of these pictures. I loved how relaxed they were and the freedom they gave me to just capture them as they were.

Thank you Vanessa, Phil, Willow and Aspen for being so fantastic to photograph! (And a special thanks to Aspen for bearing the chilly wind!). I'm anxious to hear which pictures are your favorites.


13 November 2011

--Micah-- **Senior Pictures** **Midland, Texas**

I just have to say that senior pictures are one of my favorites to take. Seniors are always relaxed and happy and give me the most personality to capture. Micah was no exception! He worked the camera and kept things interesting. His style wasn't even cramped by his mom and I oohing and awing over his clothes. ;-)

Thank you, Micah, for being so patient with me talking about your clothes and taking 5,000 pictures! Your pictures turned out fantastic! Here are a few of my favorites:

18 October 2011

Tyler, Cole, Skyler, Duke, Bran and Nevie

These "kids" are officially brothers and sisters!!! (I say "kids" but the older boys are by no means kids!)
Their parents (Stephanie and Ray) finalized the adoption of the three little ones about two months ago. What a wonderful feeling that must be! The love in this family is papable. I adored watching the interactions between the older and younger children. I can just imagine how fun family holidays and events are with these six!

Despite having to work very hard to keep the three little ones happy and looking in the right direction I had so much fun capturing these images! Thank you, Tyler, Cole, Skyler, Duke, Bran and Nevie for allowing me to photograph you. It was a joy!

I think the hands picture turned out beautifully!

20 September 2011

**Sneak Peek: Carter, One Year Old** **Baby Portraits**

You might recognize this little man from a previous post (here). He's back for his second appearance. Six months have flown by and now he's one year old! It's amazing to see how quickly babies change.

He's now quite the crawler. He loves to explore every thing around him (including large pots of dirt!). Last time I saw him he was barely sitting up so this is quite a change.
I hope you enjoy my favorite images from Saturday's shoot.

30 August 2011

Sneak Peek: Skyler

It didn't take long for the ideas to start flowing at this photo shoot. Skyler's eyes kept me in awe--they were shining in every picture! I was thankful for the beautiful pool at our location and the perfectly green grass. They helped her eyes to stand out incredibly well!

Skyler, it was a joy to photograph you. I can tell you're just as lovely on the inside as you are on the outside. Thank you for being patient and letting me "boss" you around. I hope I wasn't too bossy!

Which one is your favorite? It was very hard to pick only a few for this sneak peek!