04 April 2011

Carter **Baby Portraits**

What a sweet baby boy! I'm so happy to have this precious face gracing my blog. I loved meeting him last Thursday and capturing all his facial expressions. I sure did wear him out on our photo shoot, he took a cat nap in the middle of it! But he woke up ready to go again!

For the sneak peeks I've been featuring on my blog I pick the pictures that first catch my eye when I start the editing process. The purpose is two-fold: it gives me a chance to have fun editing and tweaking first thing (rather than filtering through them all first which can be tedious!) AND it gives my clients something to hold them over before the final slideshow is ready.

Anyways, please meet baby Carter! My personal favorite is the 5th one where his face is to the far right of the shot. I just love his sweet expression!


Emily Baker said...

Oh my gosh! What a beautiful baby! Great pictures!

Haley said...

Wonderful pictures!!!!