22 April 2011

Lens Love

Behold an image:

You might see a picture of a dog. Perhaps you see a picture of a cute dog. Or maybe pretty blue curtains.

I see a picture taken by a "really awesome-I can't believe I took the plunge-new LENS". Um, can you tell I'm a bit EXCITED! Thrilled is probably the right word. AND I got the lens for a really great price!

This lens will open up my abilities during a photo session so much. I will have so much more freedom in how I take a picture. I probably won't have to take a step ladder with me to every shoot (but probably will anyways--just in case). I will probably still use my trustee 50mm lens. I will always love that lens that has (almost) never done me wrong. But, this new 17-55mm will be my best friend for family photo shoots (which I have TWO of this weekend). I can finally get everyone in the shot without bending over backwards, literally!!

Anyways, enough about my lens love. Lets return to the cute dog pictures which you're probably more interested in (or maybe not?).

This is my sweet pup, Mia the Sheltie. She is my little buddy. I adore her and I don't know WHAT I will do when she dies. That's pretty morbid, huh? But when you think about it dogs just aren't alive for very long at all. She's probably already half way through her life at 6-years old!
I love the way she looks embarrassed in these pictures. Seriously. Before I stuck my camera in her face she did not look like this. It's like she's saying "Really? Can't someone else be your model? This is so embarrassing.". She is such a strange little creature.

I would also like to leave you with a challenge on this Good Friday.
Why do YOU celebrate Easter? Not your family, not your church, not your friends but YOU. I'm spending some time this weekend to remind myself why I do (and why we all should). Using this to help me-http://dsr.gd/gbBDbD

"In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the (wrath absorbing) propitiation for our sins." 1 John 4:10


bhrugh said...

Mia looks like she is pressing back into the curtains! Shy Pup! But very cute! Wish you could capture her afternoon nose rubbing thing...she will need to learn to relax in front of the "love Lens"

bhrugh said...

OH......I added your blog to my Google Reader acct!