23 November 2009


I met Gracie and her mom through some good friends of mine. She's graduating in May and hopes to attend art school. This girl has a contagious smile and laugh. Not only is she a photographer's dream (because she smiles and laughs on command!) but I'm sure she brightens her friends' lives with her cheerfulness.

We had a blast taking these pictures...and finding beautiful fall trees in the most unexpected places. Thank you Gracie for being a fabulous model. I had a hard time picking my favorites but here they are!

19 November 2009

Christmas is coming!

Visit my website for availability and booking. Hurry, the days are filling up fast!

17 November 2009

Neil, Holli, Faith & Gracie

These girls have the most precious faces. I love it when siblings look completely different! But both of them have cuteness in common for sure. We tried a new location for some of these pictures. I love the way it turned out...so fun!

10 November 2009

Talk about pure joy

Does it get any better than this...?

Oh how I miss the joy of swinging.

A few weeks ago Jonathan and I got the privilege of babysitting three joyful children for 6 days. It was a busy time but it was a blessing to us. We spent a Saturday afternoon playing outside. I grabbed my camera. These are the results.

This one makes me smile really BIG.

"How are you?" His greeting of choice...it'll melt your heart, especially when you haven't seen him in a while.

Even the dog joined in on the fun...

Disclaimer: Sorry for the extreme grainy-ness of these pictures. I was in such a hurry that I forgot to reset my camera settings from my previous photo shoot. It works in some of the pictures...not so much in others ;)

06 November 2009

Evie, Nick and Natalie

Evie is one of the sweetest women I know. She really cares for other people. I'm really happy with the pictures I took of her family. I think the kids are glad they got their pictures taken even though I'm sure their mom had to bribe them to go! I think we had a lot of fun that evening :)

This last one is my favorite