18 May 2010

**Sneak Peek** Shawn's Maternity Pictures

I'm in love with this precious family. I'm in love with these pictures. The colors, the faces, the light. It was an inspiring afternoon!

We had a last minute change of location and decided to just do all of the pictures at their house. I'm so glad we did! It made for a relaxed, personal photo shoot. Shawn looked gorgeous!

06 May 2010

Curious George

Jenni and I had a "mini-session" this morning to get some ideas and play around a bit. The real shoot is this weekend. I was a little worried baby brother would come before then and we wouldn't have any maternity pictures!! That would have been a disgrace since I'm her sister-in-law! So I went over there this morning just in case :)
We had a short amount of time and I spent half of it getting the light right...but I got a few great shots. I thought I would share this one picture that I just fell in love with. I love the sweetness of mom and daughter. The anticipation of change. I even love how grainy the photograph is!
I can just imagine Abigail or "Curious George" looking at it years down the road...