29 March 2010

**Sneak Peek** Ambri's Baby Portraits {Odessa, Texas} {baby portraits}

I found myself "talking" to this sweet baby girl even while editing the pictures. I love how thoughtful she looked in some of these. I've decided I really like taking baby portraits.

Baby fever you say? I don't know what you're talking about...

Meet sweet little Ambri:

22 March 2010

a Grandma's love

My Grandma died at the beginning of December. It still seems like she's at her little house in east Tennessee gardening, cooking and sewing. But she's not, she's in a better place-an eternally joyful place. My mom sent me this picture last week. She wrote a card with it that said:
"I love the way your Grandma is holding on to you in this picture. You can see she is proud of you, adores you, enjoys you. My mom was not a 'poser'-she was totally natural."

Five years ago this picture wouldn't have meant that much to me. I would have criticized the gray day and barren trees. I would have scoffed at my double chin and the fact that I look like my brother. But now, it stirs up so many emotions. It's a photograph that captures precious memories of my Grandma's love for me. It reminds me of the way she stood-her arms, her hands. I can almost hear her voice through the picture. I love that her sweet house is in the background.

I wonder what the day was like? I wonder what we talked about? I wonder if I ate one of her biscuits that cloudy day?

17 March 2010

My favorite time of the year!

Maybe I'm jumping ahead here but I'm ready to declare that Spring has arrived. I know, I know, I'm probably going to get snapped back to reality when it freezes again (because I'm sure it will). But I'm loving this comfortable weather...and I'm even seeing some green sprouting up. Actually, our yard is covered in green weeds that are growing by the minute. My husband is about to mow our yard for the very first time (we just moved in).
In my opinion, Spring is the best time to take pictures. The air is cool, the scenery brightens up and people tend to just be in a great mood when the days are beautiful!

Can you believe that Easter is less than a month away? It's April 4th this year...for those of you who don't know. I love taking Easter and Senior portraits this time of the year. The colors are just beautiful...

Here are a few happy, "spring", shots for your viewing pleasure: