18 October 2011

Tyler, Cole, Skyler, Duke, Bran and Nevie

These "kids" are officially brothers and sisters!!! (I say "kids" but the older boys are by no means kids!)
Their parents (Stephanie and Ray) finalized the adoption of the three little ones about two months ago. What a wonderful feeling that must be! The love in this family is papable. I adored watching the interactions between the older and younger children. I can just imagine how fun family holidays and events are with these six!

Despite having to work very hard to keep the three little ones happy and looking in the right direction I had so much fun capturing these images! Thank you, Tyler, Cole, Skyler, Duke, Bran and Nevie for allowing me to photograph you. It was a joy!

I think the hands picture turned out beautifully!


Stephanie said...


Stephanie said...

The "hands" photo still makes me cry.