14 July 2010

***Sneak Peek*** Baby Aaron 1-Year Pictures

On Monday I met up with Brenda and Aaron to take their sweet, brown-eyed baby Aaron's 1-year pictures. I had so much fun! Does it get any better than interacting with a baby and capturing all of his sweet faces?

While we were taking pictures of baby Aaron making a mess with his cupcake Brenda said:
"Doesn't this make all your hard work worth it?".
My response was "YES! Yes, it definitely does!"
Photographing baby Aaron with that cupcake was definitely the highlight of the photo shoot. He was a hoot! We plopped him down in the middle of the busy playground with a blanket and a cupcake. He was the star of the park! At one point I turned around and we had an audience of kids! One little boy helped us get some smiles out of baby Aaron. It was that kid's lucky day- Brenda gave him her extra cupcake (after asking his mom of course)! The cupcake was a great idea. I'm so glad Brenda and Aaron decided to do it...and made it happen! I can't wait to have the entire shoot edited and online! Enjoy these sneak peeks in the meantime...

Notice the drool?

Which group of shots are you looking forward to seeing more of? Leave a comment to let me know.


Brenda Hughes said...

omg Lauren, just seeing the sneak peak brought the biggest smile to my face! My cheeks are sore from smiling! You know i've been having the hardest time excepting that my little Aaron is growing so fast, but when I saw just these 3 pictures that you captured has made me realize that Aaron growing is a blessing! You have brought tears to my eyes, literally its hard to type with the tears coming down! I am so thankful that you are using the talent God has blessed you with! Not only are you an amazing person but you have amazinggggg talent!
with love,
The Hughes family!

Michaela said...

Looking forward to the cupcake ones!

Baby's Mima in Phoenix said...

As the grandmother of this precious gift(baby boo) from my miracle son(Aaron/or Boo), I am just in awe of what a great job you did in capturing some very special "kodak moments", of our baby.
Thank you and remain blessed in your God given talent.

Mary Hughes

bhrugh said...

I love the softness of those precious baby skin folds against the red metal chair... and the drool!

Betty RUgh