27 July 2010

**Rachel and Brett** Engagement Session Sneak Peek

I am absolutely so excited to share these pictures with you. Mostly because Rachel is so anxious to see them but also to show all of my readers and fans. Rachel and Brett are also loved by many so I'm excited to show all their friends and family as well.

Allow me to introduce you to my precious cousin and friend, Rachel and her new fiance, Brett. I had the wonderful, lucky opportunity to take their engagement pictures. Why lucky? They live in Tennessee. I live in Texas. There's a pesky state called "Arkansas" between us. They got engaged just a few days before I was already planning to come into town for our other cousin's wedding. The timing was perfect!
Rachel is very special to me...and now Brett too. It was really important to me to take memorable pictures of them. Maybe I'm partial because the subject is my own family but I'm really loving these pictures! I hope you do too. Leave some comment love and let me know which ones you love!

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p.s. side note...I've been slightly anxious that somehow I would lose all these pictures between Tennessee and home...they are now safely stored (and backed up) on my computer. :)

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bhrugh said...

Okay...So....I love all of them. I think your special assistant should be mentioned!

I love that Brett's smile is captured (it is special with a dimple and all) and the ring which is beautiful...and the background settings are so different...and the excitement of being in love...it is all there!

Betty Rugh

Aunt Terry said...

Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. Betty's right - it's all there! My compliments to the photographer!!Uncle Eddie just said "Ditto, and to the assistant too"!

Catherine said...

LOOOVVVVVEEEEEE THEM.. PRECIOUS. they are in love!!! Great job Lauren and Betty!!!! love you all :)

Michaela said...

Soooo beautiful! Although I think it'd be pretty near impossible to take a non-beautiful picture of Rachel! The girl is smokin!