22 December 2010

**Sneak Peek: Laura's Maternity Portraits**

There's a new baby coming into my life VERY soon! I already know that I'm just going to be smitten with her. I went to Austin a couple weeks ago to help throw my sister-in-law, Laura, a baby shower. We also fit in a maternity photo shoot. We went to the capitol which is also where we went to take John and Laura's engagement pictures AND some of Laura's bridal portraits. Maybe we'll do baby pictures there too?? Ha! I wish I could bring this location back to Midland with me. There are just so many options and the light was PERFECT.

I also tested out a new lens during this photo shoot. I rented it to see if I wanted to commit to buy it. I'm thinking that, yes, I'm ready to take the plunge! I loved the quality of the images and the new options it gave me.


My brother is playing with ninjas on her belly. There was a whole fighting scene that I photographed. Gotta love him!


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Mary Scott said...

Wonderful pictures! Such a precious couple. I know you are so excited waiting on your new little niece!
Mary Scott

Anonymous said...

So awesome!! I want to see more:)